Chongqing Chronicles Part II

Chongqing Chronicles Part II RadicalWithinReason

Welcome back to our Chongqing musings, the second episode in our three-part special. Today, Luke and I recall the work and travel balance, and share some of our favourite wanderlust moments , and what is was like working in China! — Send in a voice message:
  1. Chongqing Chronicles Part II
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Good Friday

For why and for whom did you dieAnd would you do it, still?To risk your blood for your messageAgainst man’s free will Good Friday was not an exceptional day in history, rather it was unique and set the precedent for Christian persecution. Human nature can be unyielding and banal. There are millions across the world …

Less theory, more practice: Why the reemergence of the Taliban should concern Britain

The women of Afghanistan were unconvinced from the start. You can’t claim to want peace for a nation wracked by 40 years of bloodshed, yet continue to exert extreme and daily violence across that very nation. Nor can you claim to respect women’s rights (according to your interpretation) if you openly target, maim and murder …