Ode to Chongqing

Dark-haired, dark-eyed beauty

Hard-worked, humbled, bound by duty

Fascination with the foreign: stops & stares

Watching alien faces gaze upon their wares


Smiles & excitement: young children pointing in curiosity

Cultural exchanges & confusions, sporadic results of hostility

Lack of knowledge of the ‘other’, filtered concept of reality

Irrelevance of language barriers through hearty displays of hospitality


Huā jiāo,  Huǒ guō ,  Gān guǒ , Xiao mian

Kŏuyŭ,  Baozi, Tang Yuan ,  Liang mian

Such aromas, such smells, such spices galore

Around round tables where laughs & friendships occur


In a city with signs of accelerated developmentalism

Wintry ailments, masked mouths shutting out contagions

Folk dancing, hot summers, an atmosphere eclectic

Bright lights, good vibes, both deeply impressionistic


Ingrained structure, civil practice, minimal traces of crime

Late night wanderings made possible, no fear in mind

The gratitude & nostalgia that doth inevitably bring

In remembering the unique spirit I found in Chongqing.



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