Ottoman State of Mind

This week, the Turkish courts acquitted its Interior Ministry and Malatya governorate of previous accusations of neglect of duty concerning the 2007 Malayta murders, where 5 Turkish men entered Zirve Bible publishing house –  binding, torturing and slitting the throats of Christian converts Necati Aydın , Uğur Yüksel and German national Tilmann Geske.   Yet […]

Who speaks for the Rohingya Christians?

A recent Barnabas Fund addressing the persecution Rohingya Christians face, provoked me to thinking: why don’t we ever hear about the plight of Rohingya Christians? The Rohingya Question has gained international momentum, particularly in recent years, seen as the most persecuted and unwanted group on earth, with ongoing violence described by the UN as the […]

Ode to Chongqing

Dark-haired, dark-eyed beauty Hard-worked, humbled, bound by duty Fascination with the foreign: stops & stares Watching alien faces gaze upon their wares   Smiles & excitement: young children pointing in curiosity Cultural exchanges & confusions, sporadic results of hostility Lack of knowledge of the ‘other’, filtered concept of reality Irrelevance of language barriers through hearty […]