Ottoman State of Mind

This week, the Turkish courts acquitted its Interior Ministry and Malatya governorate of previous accusations of neglect of duty concerning the 2007 Malayta murders, where 5 Turkish men entered Zirve Bible publishing house –  binding, torturing and slitting the throats of Christian converts Necati Aydın , Uğur Yüksel and German national Tilmann Geske.   Yet […]

World Ignores Christian Genocide

  07/09/2014 A diplomatic report dated 1986 described the Armenian massacres of Christians during the Ottoman Empire in 1895-96: 88,000 dead, 568 Churches destroyed, 328 Churches converted into Mosques, 2,400 villages looted and 646 villages forcefully Islamicised. The brutal persecution of Armenians further continued for over 30 years, reaching its peak in 1915. The total […]

Boko Haram establishes Caliphate

18/09/2014 By now the ‘Islamic State’ and ‘the Caliphate’ are phrases very familiar globally as the world hones in on the spread of Puritanical Islam particularly in the Middle East. Not much attention is being given to the spread of the Caliphate, an agenda particularly permeating throughout Africa and namely Nigeria these past few months. […]

Malaysia State passes Hudud Death Penalty

10/04/2015 I am witness to the alarming rate at which Malaysia sways towards religious oppression of its non-Muslims. In further development of this, Malaysia’s north-eastern state of Kelantan is set to propose the enforcement of the Islamic ‘Hudud’ Bill in its Parliament after it was unanimously passed by the Kelantan State Assembly on 19 March. […]