Sectarianism in modern Britain

This is an article I’ve pasted onto my blog highlighting the apostasy situation in the UK, written by journalist Iram Ramzan From Iranian dissidents fearing deportation after seeking asylum from theocracy, to ex-Muslims driven from their homes in Bradford, Iram Ramzan looks at some worrying examples of sectarianism threatening Britain’s reputation for tolerance. Peyman (not […]

Charlie Hebdo: A Freedom of Speech Myth

By now, after the second caricature depiction of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad to emerge from within Europe, the illusion that the West is a genuine practitioner of freedom of speech should be thoroughly shattered. Recent history has revealed the consequences of a Muhammad cartoon publication, as evidenced by the Danish Jyllands-Posten case, resulting in the usual […]

Anjem Choudary: Britain’s Internal Western Antithesis

After another week of hearing about the usual antics of Anjem Choudhary, enough of Britain’s law-abiding and morally upstanding citizens are sick to the back teeth of this Puritanical Islamic public figure. Back-tracking through Choudary’s well-documented past, it becomes increasingly impossible to justify why such a detrimental man, in fierce opposition to the very existence […]

The Islamophobia Phenomenon is an Invalidated Irrelevancy

They say that in order to be an Islamophobe one must have a hatred or fear of Islam, particularly of its political culture. Political correctness emphasises the hate factor. However, as Islam continues to make headlines for its brutality and violence against others worldwide, the concept of Islamophobia fails to remain true to its definition. […]