Experiences, Effects, Recommendations Report Writers & Interviewers: N Lewis & A Hussain March 2017   ‘There are all sorts of rights these days but it is a disappointment that there is no right to protect Muslim converts to Christianity in a Christian country like the United Kingdom with such liberal/democratic values and Human Rights.’ Iranian […]

Have you left Islam & suffered the consequences in Britain?

The British Pakistani Christian Association are making a public appeal for any ex-Muslims within Britain who have/are suffering persecution for abandoning the Islamic faith, for a study. The study also extends to those who have fled to the UK on religiously persecuted grounds, only to undergo re-persecution for his/her ex-Muslim status. If this is applicable […]

Chapter VI: The Case of Nissar Hussain, broken for Christ.

You are shunned, treated as an apostate, a traitor. Your property is continually damaged. I have had physical assaults. You find yourself completely isolated, broken (Nissar Hussain in the Barnabas Fund 2016).   This chapter will examine the case of British Pakistani, Nissar Hussain, who emerged as Europe’s and Britain’s regional and national face for […]

Chapter V: Case studies of the Apostate Experience in Britain

To them [Muslims], it doesn’t really matter if you do the praying stuff, because to them it seems that you just don’t care. But it’s a big deal if you say, ‘yeah I’m not a Muslim’. It changes nothing in your actions or in what you do. But to them it means everything. Because it’s […]